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Registry Best Practices
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Day 1: Registry policies and procedures (6 hours)
Day 1 Overview : Policies and procedures are the administrative and legal backbones of any registry structure. It is essential that they are developed in close cooperation with the local Internet community and are regularly updated to reflect the dynamic DNS landscape.

  9:00 To 10:30 Introduction: Registry models, thick or thin Emily Taylor

  10:30 To 10:45 Break

  10:45 To 12:45 Setting registry policies and procedures
Consultation mechanisms
Publication and enforcement
Dealing with legacies
Management of reserved and/or blocked domain names
Communicating possible changes
Exercise: How to amend existing frameworks (30 min)
Emily Taylor

  12:45 To 14:00 Break

  14:00 To 16:00 Producing external and internal documents
Manuals and guidelines
Strategy and Operating Plan
Exercise: Setting together a yearly Operating Plan
Emily Taylor

Day 2: Registry-registrar relations (6 hours)
Day 2 Overview : Should a registry decide to go for a fully registrar-based model, the relationship with the accredited registrars will become essential to promote the top-level domain.

  9:00 To 10:30 Setting the registrar community
Hunting for registrars
Registrar accreditation processes
Marketing the registrar business
Liaising with resellers
Giovanni Seppia

  10:30 To 10:45 Break

  10:45 To 12:30 Communication with the registrar community
Registrar Advisory Board
Annual meeting
Mailing list(s)
Registrar extranet
Registrar newsletter
Customised messages to the registrars
Exercise: How to communicate a contingency to the registrars (30 min)
Giovanni Seppia

  12:30 To 13:45 Break

  13:45 To 16:45 Promotion of the TLD via the registrars
Marketing actions in partnership with the registrars
The (shelf-space)
Exercise: The Co-funded Marketing Programme
Giovanni Seppia

Day 3: Marketing and communication activities (6,5 hours)
Day 3 Overview : Marketing a good that is not tangible can be one of the toughest challenges. This module aims to illustrate some options to promote a top-level domain at local and, eventually, regional and international level. It will also touch base on the communication activities that are essential nowadays to complement any registry action.

  9:00 To 11:00 Marketing the intangible
Objectives and techniques: promoting new or existing domain names
Monitoring a marketing action for a TLD (conversion/renewal rates)
Exercise: Reaching a certain customer segment (30 min)
Giovanni Seppia

  11:00 To 11:15 Break

  11:15 To 13:15 Marketing options
Social media
Partnered campaigns
Exercise: Choosing the best option (30 min)
Giovanni Seppia

  13:15 To 14:15 Break

  14:15 To 16:00 Communication actions
Yearly Plan
Setting up an effective, public site
News and PR
Exercise: Producing a PR (30 min)
Giovanni Seppia

Day 4: Registry social responsibility and business continuity (6 hours)
Day 4 Overview : More and more in the past years it has become clear that the role played by any local registry-registrar community is much more structured than a simple provision of domain names. Registry and registrars can be the lighthouses of Internet literacy in the country and can contribute significantly to the awareness of local communities against broader Internet matters. That is why it is essential that the registry regularly monitors its infrastructure to guarantee the full continuity of its services.

  9:00 To 10:45 Social responsibility
Contributing to a greener economy names
Promoting young generation training and expertise
Engaging in local activities
Giovanni Seppia

  10:45 To 11:00 Break

  11:15 To 13:15 Business continuity
Risk assessment
Managing the risk
Business continuity plan
Business continuity culture in the company
Contingency scenarios
Communications in time of a crisis
Exercise: Business continuity and communication (60 min divided in two parts)
Giovanni Seppia

  13:00 To 14:00 Break

  14:00 To 16:00 Business continuity (continued)
Giovanni Seppia

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